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Profiler 2.7

Profiler 2.7 is out with the following news: + added experimental support for Windows raw memory images + added support for EML files + added TOR-based URL download action – added JBIG2 decoder for PDFs – improved PDF parsing against … Continue reading

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URL Download Action (Tor)

In the upcoming version of Profiler Advanced we have introduced a new useful action, namely the URL Download action. Many times in previous posts we have analyzed some malware which at the end of its shellcode ended up downloading a … Continue reading

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EML support

The upcoming 2.7 version of Profiler Advanced introduces support for the EML file format. Support for EML files had until now only been present as experimental hook to extract attachments. We have now introduced full-fledged EML support and have removed … Continue reading

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Profiler Advanced

With the upcoming 2.7 version of Profiler, we will start releasing an Advanced edition alongside the Standard one. All our users who have bought a license until this point in time will automatically have their license work with the Advanced … Continue reading

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JBIG2 Encoded Malware in PDFs

The upcoming version of Profiler 2.7 adds support for JBIG2 encoding inside PDFs. Although JBIG2 isn’t intended to encode data other than images, it can be used to do so. Quoting the PDF documentation: The JBIG2Decode filter (PDF 1.4) decodes … Continue reading

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