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BlueBox Android Challenge

Some weeks (? I don’t even remember the time frame) ago I was made aware by a friend of this challenge. Basically injection of Dalvik code through native code. I found some minutes this morning to look into it and … Continue reading

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Damaged Zip archive (video)

In this video we can see how to inspect a damaged Zip archive using the Profiler in a real-world scenario. Although soon the automatic recovery of damaged Zip archives will be available and it will be possible to perform this … Continue reading

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Zip bomb

While the Profiler was designed for document analysis and currently has virtual memory limitations, let’s see how it performs with a Zip bomb. :) A friend of mine linked me the Zip file on this page. The file contains 16 … Continue reading

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Zip archives support

Among other additions, the new 0.7.8 version of the Profiler features support for Zip archives and an improved interface for displaying the file hierarchy. The supported decompression methods are Deflate and BZIP2 (more will be added). All popular encryption technologies … Continue reading

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